2013 92 / 62 minuten Eigen werk

“I wanted to see Hitchtanbul mostly because I’ve hitchhiked this road so many times myself, and wanted to reminisce. I was definitely not disappointed. This, to me, is the film that shows the reality of hitchhiking clearer than anything I’ve ever seen before. I’m going to buy the DVD and show it to everyone who asks me what it’s like to hitchhike. On top of it all, Dimitri and Karsten are throughly entertaining and witty, with choreographed roadside dances and an unwavering affableness that made me want to hit the road immediately.”
Wandr’ly – online magazine for full-time travelers

Twee lifters ondernemen een avontuurlijke reis van Gent, België naar Istanbul, Turkije. Zullen ze het klusje klaren op een week tijd?

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