About Ducktape

Ducktape is an independent audio-visual production company. Our secret? A combination of spontaneity and artistic input, of experience and adventure, of realism and sensitivity. Besides, we can realize a movie with any budget. Our key concepts? An intense collaboration with our clients and a perpetual focus on the low-budget aspect.

Forget outside-the-box thinking. Our search leads us into the box! The most innovative solutions are to be found in the closed world of your project, and they will be by far the cheapest. Therefor, you can rely on Ducktape even if you haven’t got a straight idea of where you’re heading. A sophisticated balance of our own input en that of our customers leads to high quality audio-visuals affordable to all.

Ducktape can contribute to every separate stage of a production process, and will proof to be an essential part in the perfection of an existing production, by (re)constructing a vision or by performing executive tasks (camera, editing, audio, …). Particular attention is paid to the musical score. For Ducktape also consists of two all-round musicians who are eager to create the soundtrack for your production.

Ducktape is a flexible company on a human scale that wants to cope with all possible challenges. That is why –apart from the skills and experience of the company itself- a large network of freelancers is at disposal, all ensuring specialized expertise.

In our own independent productions, we want to show the love we have for rough terrain filming. With humour, music and relativism, we create a world where travelling and authenticity are reigning.